Treatments for Malignant Tumors:
1- Chemoembolization: It is a procedure, in which the catheter is inserting into to the arteries of the malignant tumors, and chemotherapy and anticancer drugs are administrated directly into tumor vessels and then tumor vessels are blocked by injection of different blocking agents.
2- Radio-embolization: This procedure is similar to that of chemoembolization, with the exception that radioactive drugs are injected directly into the tumor.
3- Killing the Tumor with Radiofrequency Ablation Waves: In this procedure, various types of tumors are killed with different catheters using radiofrequency waves.
4- Killing the Tumor by Cryoablation: In this procedure, the tumor is destroyed by various catheters that produce cold.
5- Killing the tumor with microwave ablation: In this procedure, the tumor is killed by various catheters using microwaves.

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